AZ LIBRIS SHOW ~ Where the Letters Resonate ~

~ Our goal is to celebrate and promote the value of the written arts, through exposure in all languages. The EXPO will feature conferences, book presentations and interaction with national and international Authors. The event will showcase artistic and cultural activities.~

Sunday, July 8, 2018




                               "REGISTRATION OPEN"

• Participation certificate and event souvenirs.
• Support from our Organization, with social media personalized publications, before and after the event. And your basic info will be part of our website history, for free.
• Facilitated photos and video, your presentation and the event.
• Conference room, 20 minutes presentation.
• All day coffee station, lunch box and cocktail.
• No percentage payments from sales made during the event.
• Raffle tickets.
• Event open to the general public and free admission.
• Virtual presentations:
Book (s) on display and Writer Biography projected during event hours. Books will be donated to the local library. Participation certificate.

Registration cost – Table and Conference:

* Early registrations: $100 Payment and form Must be received by Friday august 17 2018 11:59 pm. Eastern time.
*Late registrations: $115
*Virtual Presentation: $45
*Share table x 2: Early registration $50. Price until dateline $58. Note: Doesn’t include conference time.
We invite you cordially to visit our website: ​and complete the online form or fill the attached form, and send it back ​to: 

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